How Many Youtube Views To Make Money?

Here’s what you need to know about how Youtube views and Youtube video content can earn you money.

What is YouTube?

YouTube has become a popular platform for people who are seeking their own online businesses and have the time, patience and desire. These days, a few companies are creating videos about various industries like parenting, fitness, health, education, cooking, etc. As more and more people start looking for new job opportunities, Youtube is the best place where they can find that. But before that let us understand some of the basic requirements which are essential in making good Youtube video content.

How to work on YouTube?

Try to think out of your box by using trending keywords. The first step is getting into Youtube. You will require at least 500 visitors on each video. Once you get into Youtube, here’s how to earn money from it.

You will get 100 views and this is usually just 1/10 of your original post. So how much does one get with this? It depends upon how much effort and hard work you put in. Once you are able to reach this level then you can increase the view count and monetize more content.

One of the most common ways to do so is to promote affiliate products and gain sales. This can be done through various methods like advertising, product placement, sponsored posts, link building, paid promotional campaigns and so on.

If you want to earn extra income, you should be thinking big and take risks. Most successful entrepreneurs on youtube have used this method before. So if you are facing any problems or difficulties, talk to them as soon as possible, and show your face on social media. By doing so will give yourself an advantage over others in the search for jobs.

Your channel might not be active but this doesn’t mean that your channel is dead. You know that Youtube is there even when it wasn’t active then there still will be viewers and subscribers. However, depending upon the subject matter, a person would have a variety and sometimes this depends upon the topic. Do not forget to advertise your brand name. That will help in gaining your followers and also in promoting your videos.

There is nothing better than having an engaged audience and a huge fanbase behind you. Just stay true to your image and start viewing on your page.

Here is another thing before starting your Youtube channel. Start off with small content. Create videos on things only you know about.

For example, I’m going to show you how to use Google AdSense, how Facebook works and other stuff. Your videos should look professional and should not contain any vulgar contents, especially anything related to sex or pornography. Get yourself noticed before anyone else makes an account. Don’t make any mistakes. There’s no point in uploading poorly made videos.

Once you have enough content then go back to the beginning of your channel first. Post interesting videos to your blog for your fans to enjoy. You will need your blogging skills to upload quality articles on your website.

Now let’s move on to a question that everyone asks for. How many comments should your videos get? How many likes should the upload video receive? How many people will watch this video? You need to answer all these questions and more.

Keep an eye on your Youtube Analytics and figure out who is watching your videos on Youtube.

To attract maximum attention to your content, try to create engaging videos. You must remember to write unique and unique ideas. In case you want to build a huge fan base, tell your story on Youtube. Tell people everything you know and think. Show your genuine personality.

Be open-minded and show your emotions. Remember that Youtube is basically a form of marketing. A person wants to know what you’re doing on your computer screen.

How Many Youtube Subscribers To Make Money

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Create engaging content:

You need to be careful about what topics you write about because this will determine your success. Keep things interesting and simple and don’t overdo anything. Don’t put yourself in difficult situations. Tell the stories of lives you lived before, and things you did not want and make them relatable. Try to leave out facts if possible.

Write about your daily life, hobbies, favourite things and tell about the moments where you feel happy or sad. Show passion and motivation to learn more. Share insights into yourself through writing.

Be authentic:

The most important thing is to be yourself and share your thoughts with others.

How many subscribers will you need?

As mentioned above, a lot of content creators want to earn as much money as they can.

But then, to succeed at that level you need a large audience. One of the metrics that helps to measure how many subscribers you need to increase your earnings.

There are three parts to consider:

  • The average number of views per month
  • The number of comments you get
  • The number of hours spent on social media

However, when you discuss these metrics, it becomes evident what the maximum content creator needs. According to our calculations, if you have less than 2000 subscribers then you need 4000+ followers to stand a chance to gain 1000 dollars from your channel. If you have 10k+ followers, then you cannot reach such an amount. And you should start raising the number of followers after that. Therefore, if you want to be successful at least 2000 followers and 4000+ comments is necessary.

In addition to this, to get 1,000 subscribers, you need at least 4,000 watch hours. A lot of creators think that they need 6,000 hours of watching time in 2021 but that’s just a myth. Nowadays if you are just publishing regular videos and creating engaging content, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend or how often you upload. More than 600 hours of watching time per day is enough.

That being said, there are certain rules that apply to both, uploading your content and making money on Youtube. It might sound very easy, but it requires a lot of practice and effort. Also, remember to always add hashtags and keywords related to your content so people find your videos quickly. This makes sense in YouTube, but it does not work on other social media platforms.

Always try to post on the main page and avoid going off topic, otherwise, it gets very messy. Uploading quality content on YouTube is definitely harder, if you’re having trouble, check out my article on how to prepare your videos for Youtube. To become successful at that level you need consistent hard work. However, it is possible, which is why we have shared our experience on the Youtube monetization process.

The minimum threshold that you need to meet when starting a channel is just under 2,000 subscribers. And the requirement is 1000+ comments and 4000+ hours of watching time to make you stand a chance to make $1000 or even $2000, so, let me prove to you that you can make it without getting stuck with 4000 minutes of watching time and 1,000 subscribers.

Just like you see on this graph, the higher your following number is, the more opportunities you have to make money by doing small tasks that are worth it like commenting and sharing content in videos. I am talking about small tasks on this point because small, repetitive actions are your ticket to growth. As soon as you make more videos, you can do so much more with each video. In theory, you can do as many videos as you want but in reality most of your fans will get tired of them and eventually stop subscribing and start getting bored.

That is when you need to change your strategy:

start adding new features and new people. Remember to keep your videos short if possible. Post consistently on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook too. Follow those users who come to search your content and show up to watch your videos regularly. The only downside is that your content will always be quite old-fashioned. So make sure you’re not showing outdated stuff and make sure your fans are aware of that when they watch your videos. Not only will you start building a fanbase, but this will also lead you to make more videos and more videos!


As long as you have a good idea of content and audience, if you can create real value for them, then this is what YouTube monetization is made for.

So, let me conclude my thoughts on Youtube. The key to success is the right decision when starting. You don’t have to spend so much to get started. Focus on your video work and your creativity and if you do not succeed, then you can always come up with something better next time.

If you have any kind of question you can ask in ask a question section.