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Welcome to our panditmoshai website. Search engine optimization is a major part of digital marketing and website rankings. There are many tools for search engine optimization in 2022. But most of the tools are not perfect. And their cost is too high to buy . In this post you will be able to know the cost of search engine optimization. And how to do search engine optimization.

What is search engine optimization?

Basically, search engine optimization is a way to make businesses more popular and powerful. We can think in the short term. When we are searching for anything in Google, suppose, ” how to do SEO?” Google shows you Many websites so that you can get your perfect information on that.

But you can see there are many websites but you will focus on the 1st website . Do you have any questions like , why did Google show me this website first? Can you think of this?

I will tell you why Google showed this website first. Because, that website seo is perfect on your search word.i hope you understand now . What is the main fact of this ? The main fact of this keyword and perfect search engine optimization. Nowadays it is most important for a website because the compilation is too high to reach the top of google.

For that the price and demand is high in search engine optimization. Don’t worry, I will tell you everything about search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization: how to do it?

Search engine optimization is not easy work at all . For search engine optimization you have to know Many things . And you have to gather much knowledge about that. There are many things. I will explain everything no problem.

  • Keyword research:

Keyword research is a base of search engine optimization. If you want to learn or want to do best search engine optimization so you must have to learn it. There is a reason behind it.

You can think when you are searching in Google. You just write a keyword and google shows you the result. Which keyword are you searching that is involved in the first website? For that you will see this website first.

There are two ways of keyword research: one is paid and another is free . For the first time, I will suggest that you use a free method of that. For this free method you can easily use ahref free keyword research tool . And Ubersuggest .

When you are researching a keyword you must have to focus on that search result and KD . KD meaning is keyword difficulty. Keywords definitely are most important for a website’s rankings. If you want to know about keyword difficulty you can see this video for proper knowledge.

  • Backlink create:

Backlink is part of search engine optimization. Many people don’t know what backlinks are . Backlink is a link which is available in another website but on this link have your website link or your website post link. I hope you understand what backlinks mean. Backlinks are very important for a website.

Because backlinks can change a website’s traffic rate . Suppose your site has only 20 traffic per day but after creating a strong backlink in any popular site you can see your traffic is increasing Day by day.

For these backlinks you have to pay some money to this other website owner. And that cost is too high. I have a better way to create a strong backlink but this way is completely free . Social media sites are the best way to create a strong backlink of your website .

Quora is the best questions answers platform in this world. Every month a lot of visitors come to Quora . You can create a strong backlink by giving the question answer on this website. Facebook is another way to make backlink.

Best Tool For Search Engine Optimization

  1. Ahref: Ahref is the best tool in this world for your website rankings and search engines Optimization. In this website you can find many tools like , keyword research, website traffic, keyword definitely, and many more . But the good News is you can use it fully for free . But you can not see full information. For full information you must have to buy premium. The premium price is not high.
  2. Ubersuggest : ubersuggest is another best tool for keyword research and it is also a free tool . But you can also buy it .
  3. Google keyword planners: google keyword planners is a fully free research system of keywords and all of the seo experts use it. The best tool of search engine optimization is that.

For more tools you can see the video below so you will get the best idea about that.

Cost for search engine optimization

If you don’t want to do search engine optimization by hand, you can hire a freelancer to do that . But the cost is not high. Many freelancing do that at a low cost . But if you want to do it separately like , 1st you can research keywords, then you can research you have a lot of costs.

But the best way is to hire a freelancer to do this . So you can easily finish this work.

And in the field of promotion you have to invest a lot of money. But it is fully available for This time when you are thinking of growing your business quickly.

So for that , how to do search engine optimization and how much it costs, I hope you understand it . By the way , it is one kind of official post of seo . If you need to know any other information about this you can check out our website for more updates.